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Apple’s AirPods and Apple Watches could help police drones in Toronto

Apple’s AirPods and Apple Watches could help police drones in Toronto

Uber warns of higher prices and longer wait times following Toronto’s decision to freeze new licences

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Drones are increasingly being used by police in Canada for routine patrols and as record-breaking crime investigations. Drones are helping officers patrol the streets of Toronto, and have contributed to the growing use of drones in policing.

The National Police Federation’s Canadian Drones Unit (CNPD) says it hopes the upcoming arrival of Apple’s new “HomePod” AirPods and similar Apple Watches will help make more people aware of the technology and help raise awareness about both the public and the police drone industry.

Apple has created a website where anyone can purchase an AirPod to use while out and about, and is encouraging customers to buy one.

The CNPD is one of nine drone enforcement units across Canada that respond to complaints and issues brought to their attention.

According to the CNPD’s website, there are two categories of complaints:

Complaints that involve drones operated in a criminal activity

Complaints that involve drones operated in a non-criminal activity

The most recent Toronto Police Air Surveillance Unit report shows that police officers have made 1147 complaints involving drones in Toronto (1147/1147), while there is another 751 (7,150/7,150) Toronto-area officers with similar drone experience (the number of Toronto police officers with drone experience increases with every new model of drone acquired).

Police departments are required to keep their officers safe and ensure the public’s safety. If the drone is operating in a non-criminal activity, the public has to wait longer for response.

The CNPD says that it receives about 100 complaints about drones each year, and that the number of complaints has been on the rise.

“As technology advances so must we as a profession because the technology exists to empower, guide and protect our citizens and communities,” says the CNPD’s spokesperson.

Drones in the province of Ontario must be licensed before they are operated, which can be done through an application process. Toronto police have begun applying to the province for a drone licence since May and have said previously that they are considering changing the rules to allow drone operators to buy drones.

Toronto police said last year that drones were not a great match for police operations. The Toronto Police Service made it clear that drones were going to be

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