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How to Get Tickets to Green Bay Packers Game

How to Get Tickets to Green Bay Packers Game

Titletown in Green Bay, Where Packer Fans Come Together

In the last year I’ve traveled to Green Bay, Wisconsin more than a few times. Even if I lived in the big city, I would still make a visit to Green Bay quite often.

One of my favorite places to go to is Titletown, where people can enjoy their Packers games in a unique setting that is not always offered by other sports venues or fan events.

It’s not uncommon for Green Bay Packers season-ticket holders to see over 100,000 people attend the game at Lambeau Field alone. So it’s quite a bit for anyone to see at one of Green Bay’s stadium or events.

Just a few years ago there wasn’t much that you could do in Green Bay to see as many people as you could fit in the stadium. Today you can do everything. And Titletown is one of the first places where residents and visitors from throughout Wisconsin can meet up just to enjoy the Packers and their fans, and interact with each other.

The first time I went to Titletown was last fall. I had driven from Green Bay to the Wisconsin State Fair and had a few hours to kill. It sounded like a great event and I decided to go.

For many of people’s first visit to Titletown they probably know they have to buy a $10 ticket to get in. I usually find that it is easier than I thought when I was growing up.

The best feature about Titletown is that the ticket price is right where every supporter feels it should be. It has become one of the best examples of how to attract Packers fans and make sure they get the best value, instead of having people pay more money and feel they have received less than they do in value.

You can also purchase tickets to go into Titletown. There are a few different options, but they all have a different layout which makes it fun to go through them and see how the ticket prices change. The tickets in Titletown are priced based on the amount of people the game will fill, not how many tickets are sold. The games usually sell well and people are always standing there for hours waiting for the gates to open to make sure they get tickets. It’s a good way to make sure you can find someone and get them to leave their phone number and have someone get them in the ticket line

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