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Jermaine Jones is the third highest goal scorer in World Cup history

Jermaine Jones is the third highest goal scorer in World Cup history

Freestyle football great makes history with ninth world title

NEW YORK, NY – The sport of football has captured hearts and minds for generations. Whether in a local football scene like in Philadelphia, NY, or on the major stage like in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the game has always been popular with fans and critics.

In an era where many would say that soccer has taken over as the world’s top sport, it was fitting that the sport of football captured the hearts and minds of fans in South Africa. And the world.

When the final whistle blew on South Africa’s fourth World Cup on Saturday night, one of the stars of the tournament, the U.S. National Team midfielder Jermaine Jones, was on the verge of breaking another record.

Jones had completed a ninth consecutive World Cup match after a pair of losses and was in the middle of a record tying fourth consecutive match with a goal. Yet it was his effort in a 5-3 win over Mexico on Saturday night that gave him a shot at a new record, as the top goal scorer in World Cup history.

The 26-year-old Jones recorded his eighth goal in the World Cup, making him the highest scorer to date in an event of that length. The previous highest scorer was the legendary Zico who scored eight goals in 1970.

“It’s hard to explain how special and what a thrill that has been to me to do it in my career,” Jones said of the milestone goal.

Jones leads a team full of elite talents on a mission for redemption. He has been part of a team with some of the top talent of the modern era, and he knows he has a lot of work to do as he is the third highest scorer in the tournament’s history.

“It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to play in one of the great world’s tournaments,” he said. “It’s an honor to be selected to play for my country, but the pressure is on this team now. We have been playing well, but it is up to us as individuals to deliver a result. We know that we have something to prove, and we feel that’s going to be in our best interest. We didn’t do that

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