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Taylor Swift’s New Album “1989” Is Coming Soon

Taylor Swift's New Album "1989" Is Coming Soon

Countdown to ‘Midnights’: What we know about Taylor Swift’s new album

1. We know she’s recording a new album during the “mid-nights” of the tour

This year’s final stretch of dates for “1989” is called “The Bridge of Lions.”

2. We’re hearing the new album is going to be “different” from her last album (which was “Speak Now”)

“I don’t want to try to reinvent the wheel. I want to be myself. I don’t ever want to be that other person. I never have, so I want to be myself and that’s what I want to do.” – Taylor Swift

3. We’ll release an album early in the month of October, which gives her nine months to write and record it

She will be working with her producer Ryan Tedder.

4. We’re hearing the album will include a new song called “Mean”

It was inspired by her experience in the military while supporting her album “Speak Now” last year.

5. There are a number of musicians who have also been hired to contribute to the album

She hired two of her friends to play backing music for her on the “V”, which was released earlier this year.

6. We’re hearing it will include “another new song”

“You can’t go in and not write a new one,” she said to Rolling Stone in December.

7. She’s also heard something called “I Know Places” (which was on her 2013 album “1989”)

8. She’s said it will be a “slow-tempo” single and is in the final stages of writing the lyrics

“I would say it’s between slow and slow/You are the one who makes me slow/I’ve always wondered at the end/What’s the truth?” – Taylor Swift

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