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The City of Pasadena: The City of Pasadena

The City of Pasadena: The City of Pasadena

Editorial: Resign, Councilmembers Nury Martinez, Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo should retire or resign

by Carlos Londoño

It appears like as of the moment that the City of Pasadena has no clear leadership, and many residents have become disillusioned with the city for numerous reasons.

We are faced with two possible options:

Option 1: Retire City employees and stop using their services

Option 2: Fire the employees and continue to get the services and use public money, but in a different way than before

Option 1: Retire the employees means that the city will not have any service they used to provide.

There are many times where the public employees of the City of Pasadena (staff) are required to render services.

It would be best if the councilmembers that have served the city for the past few years retire or resign. When the city has no clear and consistent leadership, services are not provided. Many community services cannot be performed because of lack of trained staff, and the most important services are not provided.

This is a situation in which a majority of members of the City Council has a fiduciary duty to the citizens they represent. Fulfilling this duty takes time and a certain amount of patience.

As of this writing, only four members of the city council have the courage to step down, and they should.

The Mayor of Pasadena has an appointment that he makes every four years. Currently, it is a four-year term, and the current administration is not going to keep working with the Mayor for the next four years.

The first three years of the term has to be filled by the new council, and the Mayor should appoint the next four people.

Some of the key services that are now being lost are:

Criminal Justice Services

Police Service

Fire Services

If these services are lost and no replacements are made, we will continue to experience crime, high unemployment, and poverty.

Public Safety

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