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The House That You Don’t Use

The House That You Don’t Use

In Seattle, a Modern Home That Looks Toward the Sky and the Water

At the end of the day, people move in and out of this house in Kitsilano, a neighborhood on the northern edge of downtown. It’s a tiny walk up an alley and then a couple of blocks to the Kitsilano Bridge on a clear day.

This is how they do life in Kitsilano. They make their little house the way they want it. They make their living space theirs. Their little house isn’t just a place to dump stuff, in fact, there’s no dumping in Kitsilano because they have a garage. They’ve taken great pains to make their house feel like it’s theirs, not someone else’s. It’s the ultimate in urban minimalism. It’s made to fit a small living.

You’ll find a few things in your home, at the end of the day, that you appreciate. What you don’t find, however, is anything that you don’t use. This particular dwelling may not be the end of your life, but it is one of the ways. It’s the other side of the house and it has no doors. It’s the side where you can take a look back and it’s all still there. It’s about being in the moment, being in the present. It’s about being able to see the world through these windows. It’s about being able to see the garden and the back yard at the same time.

The house is a bit of a puzzle, however. Why? Because the back part of the house is on two floors and the front is one. The living room looks out onto two back yards. One is a patch of grass and the other is a strip of concrete, with a wooden fence separating them. It

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