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The Times Are Going to Run Out of Time

The Times Are Going to Run Out of Time

Letters to the Editor: Rodeos terrorize animals. You don’t have to be a ‘Marxist’ to see that.

This is truly frightening. What are the alternatives? Where in the world can folks like this go?

(Posted Oct. 5) The first and last time I attended a rodeo, I was appalled. I had to take my wife to one to make amends. She never attended one again. Rodeos are a form of animal abuse and are not something we should support, no matter how “well-intentioned.”

Randy Smith


We’ve reached peak cancer age

We were all just thinking about getting mammograms before the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s right, the last one was last November.

And now this month an expert from the University of Michigan is warning us that we’re going to run out of time.

Killing off breast cancer cells before they even have a chance to take hold is just one reason the disease is now so lethal. The other is the drugs we’re now using to counteract the new cancer cells.

We need to get it back to the days when women were told to stop worrying and just have some kids or a good old-fashioned good will.

It’s going to be a rough few years ahead.

(Posted April 30)

No room for error

I love coming to work at the newspaper. My hours are good and my money is good. That’s not the important part. The part that really sucks is that we have no room for error. If we fail to print something that’s newsworthy or accurate, we are out of work. It’s just the way things are.

I suppose we’ll be back to the old days of reporting all news as it happens before the deadline and then leaving it up to the readers to decide what’s newsworthy in the way the new editor wants it to be.

Unfortunately, there’s a reason for the old days and that’s that they worked. It was a slow, methodical

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