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The ‘Town of Ghettos’ is a racist town hall

The ‘Town of Ghettos’ is a racist town hall

Angelenos call for resignations and reforms at town hall on racist audio leak

A few hundred people came together at Town Hall last night to vent their anger on the ‘Town of Ghettos’ on the racist rant against Mexicans that was leaked online.

The recording has been widely shared. A transcript of the recording uploaded on YouTube shows a man saying: “I understand we have to move out, but I want to tell you something.

“That white girl, this girl that you see here, no, she’s not from Mexico, but she’s white, that’s from here! But she’ll take care of you, she’ll take care of you. There’s no problem, that’s an American.”

The town hall followed up on the racist rant after it was shared more than 7,000 times on Facebook and Twitter.

The man had said on the recording: “When you see me, you just know my age because I’m old.”

He added: “You know a lot of Mexicans have taken advantage of this country. Mexicans are taking advantage.”

Other words on the recording such as “migrant”, “illegal” and “asylum” were used in the rant.

After people in the audience began to condemn the man, he asked whether the whole incident “would have anything to do with” the person who leaked the audio.

Others in the audience also asked if the ‘Town of Ghettos’ should leave Almeria.

The man said: “If you don’t like it, you should go.”

Then he added: “It’s for your own security. There are lots of problems in this country. There are lots of problems in this country.”

The man said he is not a racist.

A video of the man saying “Mexicans are taking advantage” has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, with many using the hashtag #migrantesghettos.

After people in the audience asked whether the town could stay in Almeria, he told them: “You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to leave Almería. There, in Al

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