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Trump is the Best, Not the Worst

Trump is the Best, Not the Worst

Column: Trump running in 2024 is a dream come true for Democrats. He’s the weakest candidate out there, the most disliked, and the safest politician in Washington. He’s won both state and national awards for public service. He’s a true progressive, and not “the lesser of two evils.”

As such, he is the worst of them all, which is why almost every single Dem running in 2024 is trying to get as close to him in the primary as they can.


Because he’s the best, and they know it. They’re terrified.

Not only is he the best, he’s only the best because he has been forced to run a very unconventional campaign, and that strategy has helped him be the most hated and disliked politician in Washington.

And this is a blessing for Democrats. The best candidate out there isn’t as popular as he is, and in 2024 at least, voters should decide that he’s the best, not the worst.

In fact, he’s the worst in terms of popularity, and the best on terms of electability. So, when Trump is polling around 25% in the most recent polls in the state of California, that means that over half of all the voters in that state want him to win that election. And he’s polling at 23% in Michigan, which means that there are at least two-thirds or more who want his election to happen.

He’s a true progressive. His views on immigration and his views on health care. He doesn’t believe in abortion. He doesn’t believe in gun control. He doesn’t believe in socialism.

And not only is he a true progressive, like Bernie Sanders, but he’s the only politician in Washington who is actually a true progressive and not merely an “Obama-esque” politician who’s not going to actually get elected or get the support of the electorate.

His record, as it turns out, is really inspiring. He has, in every single instance, fought for the American people, and fought for the needs of middle class America over what he considered the elites and special interests that were in charge of Washington. He’s only been voted out by the

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